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Lewis Kelly delves into a spacious, mysterious R&B meets yacht rock sound.

Lewis Kelly - Shower Songs

Lewis Kelly delves into a spacious, mysterious R&B meets yacht rock sound on the beguiling “Shower Songs”. His voice serves as the very beating heart of the entire collection for it has a sultry aura to it. The guitar work has a fine touch to it allowing the gestures to radiate seemingly into the infinite. Rhythms take their time as well for they perfectly set the atmosphere of the entirety of the thing. Every song plays and builds off the last. A fully realized cohesive whole the collection is best experienced in a single sitting to let the journey truly wash over everything.

A laid-back approach introduces the collection with the sparkling “hurting you is inevitable – Remix (feat. Formz)”. Here there is a bit of a hip-hop flavour to the sound for the production shines with such hope. The playfulness of “posty” has a giddiness to it, right down to the tactile percussion and bouncing rhythm to it. By far the highlight comes from the intimacy of “northern quarter”. Done to perfection, the pacing of the sound is gorgeous. Every detail matter, and when the beat hits it feels particularly earned. With a quiet reflective stance “unemployed” has a gentleness to it for the way that the entirety of the piece hits feels just right. Neatly tying the whole of the collection together is the blissed-out waves of “hurting you is inevitable”.

So absolutely and perfectly chill, Lewis Kelly embodies the beauty of a lazy Sunday morning with the soulful “Shower Songs”.



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