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LightNife Release Uplifting Single, "Lost in My Head"

Dublin hip-hop three piece LightNife have released an uplifting single, “Lost in My Head.” Originating from Finglas/Glasnevin, the group consists of singer Gavin Arnold, and rappers Stephen Wearen and Mikey Brennan, who are both also producers.

The track is a pop/ rap tune that has elements of darkness, while still being uplifting and accessible. It features sparkly guitar swells, a catchy beat, and a sing-along hook. Quick rhymes from Stephen and Mikey contrast with Gav’s melodic singing hooks.

“Lost in My Head” is the second single the group have released since their debut album Afterhours was released in March.

Stephen says, “The song was written during lockdown, when we were all isolated. It’s about being lost in your own head, alone with your thoughts. There are worries about the future, everything is unsure.”

He goes on to say, “The song explores the mental state of each member of the group. It’s about things we all might overthink: relationship struggles, seeking success but figuring out what success really means, knowing where we stand with ourselves, and finding out who we are and how to become the best versions of ourselves.”

The track was produced by Aidan O'Reilly and recorded in Stephen’s home studio. It was mixed/mastered by Roman of ER Mixing. LightNife is currently working on an upcoming music video with fellow Dublin rapper Giles.