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Linda crafts an intense narrative with the unflinchingly brutal “Ballad of Abigail”.

Linda - Ballad of Abigail

Linda crafts an intense narrative with the unflinchingly brutal “Ballad of Abigail”. The lyrics here offer a harrowing look at history. Full of exquisite detail, she makes sure never to pull away from the tenor. The buildup of the sound results in an experience that parallels hard rock, the blues, folk ballads, and a whole lot more. Nods to groups such as Guns N’Roses further reflect upon the raw emotion that proves to be the very core of the whole work.

The piece opens up with a deceptive quietness. Piano underpins the sound of her voice. Right from the first moment, those vocals feature prominently and always take center stage. With the rest of the arrangement working to lift her voice up quite literally at times, there is an urgency that exists deep within every verse. All the elements swirl together in a fashion that feels outright majestic in their uncanny scope. Drums work less in a rhythmic way and more in a colossal wave of color, making sure that the song’s approach never lets up. Over the course of the piece layer upon layer of sound gets applied in a way that feels painterly. That initial theme, the lovely lilting melody is never lost for it helps to guide the whole work along, lending it a symphonic quality that crescendos right for the stark finale.

“Ballad of Abigail” shows off Linda’s storytelling ability one that absolutely hits with such fury that the song lingers in the mind long after the track has ended.



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