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“Listen to the Sound of the Sun” proves to be an exceptional body of work.

Stephen Hamm - Listen to the Sound of the Sun

Stephan Hamm brings psychedelic music to its logical conclusion on the tripped-out aesthetics of “Listen to the Sound of the Sun”. His skill as an arranger is a testament to the great number of bands, he’s been a part of, for there is no escape for a sound this absolutely massive. Usage of the theremin proves to be an inspired choice for it sort of represents his ability to bring together elements of the ancient and the modern in a way that does not comfortably sit in either category. Instead, he forges his own path and does so in a way that has a bleary beauty to it.

The way the sound builds and grows gives it an organic quality. Such a truly massive sound, it deserves to be played at the highest possible volume for it disorients with its chaotic, freewheeling glee. Right in the center of it his voice conveys a sense of peace and of joy, for it all draws from his own poetic mystical delivery. Verses are balanced with the greatest of care, as there is a certain aspect that feels akin to swimming through all these dense layers of sound. Quite easy to get lost in the best thing to do is to simply succumb to its undeniable charms.

“Listen to the Sound of the Sun” proves to be an exceptional body of work, the sort of thing that few could pull of successfully but that Stephen Hamm does with the utmost of ease.



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