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“little friend – Live at the Old Saxon Church”

redbook - little friend - Live at the Old Saxon Church

redbook delivers a life-affirming ode on the powerful “little friends – Live at the Old Saxon Church”. They offer a spirit of community, a spirit that feels quite timely given the current state of the world in self-imposed quarantine. Behind this sound is a sense of joy, one that radiates so much kindness and happiness. Optimism propels the entirety of the piece forward, from its hushed origins to the way the voice seemingly drifts on up into the sky in a way that becomes truly beautiful to behold. Lyrics here have an ancient traditional quality to them for they implore the listener to transcend heartache and realize what togetherness means.

Vocals introduce the song, and continue to be the very backbone of the sound throughout. Their voices intermingle to create a vast tapestry of sound, one that becomes easy to get lost in, for the level of nuance adds to the intensity of the work. Upon the inclusion of the guitars the song continues to let this airy disposition take shape, as the airy disposition remains completely intact. So much filters into the fray in a way that has a tender spirit, for the voices rise up in a way that becomes truly engrossing. Full of so much colour the blooms that emerge feel absolutely perfectly balanced, as there is a peace that comes from this exploration.

“little friends – Live at the Old Saxon Church” shows off the undeniable sense of purpose that redbook explores in a keenly observant way.



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