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Livva’s “I Don’t Want to Be You Anymore” has an aura of mystery about it.

Livva - I Don't Want to Be You Anymore

Livva’s “I Don’t Want to Be You Anymore” has an aura of mystery about it. From the low-key minimal vibe, the track radiates to her confident, assured vocals, the whole of the piece feels intimate. The voyeuristic lyricism further adds to the sense of place that she develops. Arrangements have a subdued quality about them, making sure the evolution of the groove has a masterful aura. Stylistically rooted in a unique chillroom cadence, pieces of post-rave, R&B, and soul enter into the mix in a way that is distinctly her own strong sound.

A hushed presence introduces the piece. Sung with such power, the way she lets the many elements slowly come into focus feels righteous. The clear-eyed intensity with which she sings further adds to the feeling of a violation of privacy. With each reiteration she ensures that the cyclical approach gains a hypnotic quality. Nods abound to the equally late-night fervour of Depeche Mode in terms of that balance between the unknown and the adored. Refusing to neatly fit into either category, the lyrics have a poetry about them, for every word is chosen with the utmost of care, making sure they are weighted just right. For the finale the song transforms into an ambient wash, as the electronic and classical influences skillfully fade just out of view.

“I Don’t Want to Be You Anymore” revels in the sultry beauty that Livva extends to great effect, resulting in a shadowy sound that has a cryptic quality to it.



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