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LOGVN spits pure fire on the intense trip of “Own Worst Enemy”. With this song LOGVN goes hard.

LOGVN - Own Worst Enemy

LOGVN spits pure fire on the intense trip of “Own Worst Enemy”. With this song LOGVN goes hard, very hard. From the hard-edges of the classical sample to the heavy hit of the beats, it all works to create this sense of foreboding. His vocal delivery has an urgency to it for the lyricism races on through. By allowing these many elements to come together they all work in unison to elevate the sheer power of his vision. Never shying away, rather the song doubles-down on the wild journey of the track, ebbing and flowing with ease.

Immediately he rushes out of the gate with storytelling that has a lived-in, fully experienced presence about it. Allowing for all of this to move into a singular stream of consciousness. Volume is a must for his words are best felt as well as heard. Pouring his very soul into it, there is an unhinged quality that feels absolutely incredible, breaking away from trendiness to create something timeless. Within the whole of the work the sampling is particularly on point, as it harkens back to an almost ancient dread. Lyrics gaze inward on the very self, and the introspection that arises out of this feels fantastic. Going for broke, the final stretch of the track in particular feels well-earned as his vision becomes clearer and clearer with each reiteration of the theme.

“Own Worst Enemy” has a wildness to it one that has a fury about it with LOGVN’s lyricism leading the way.



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