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“Lose Myself” shows the skill of Ali Gilbert in defying easy categorization for a heartfelt track.

Ali Gilbert - Lose Myself

Ali Gilbert delves into a soulful classic singer-songwriter tradition on the intimate “Lose Myself”. Buildup proves to be of the essence as the way the song unfurls lends it a timeless, natural grace. His guitar playing is exceptional for he draws from folk’s long history as well as pop’s more recent additions to the sound, resulting in something that feels stunning. The quiet introduction gradually zooms out to incorporate a wide swath of colour, with a whole multitude of instruments that enter into the fray helping to imbue the work with a sense of pure life. At times the tender tones recall a bit of the Fleet Foxes work with folk music, as Ali too sings straight from the heart.

From the beginning there is a hushed reverence that comes to define the rest of the piece. The slow start helps to set the scene for what follows. Bass adds a certain emotional dimension to the journey for it has a lulling, gentle cadence to it. His voice stays steady and true while the rest of the song comes into focus. Nor do they ever rush things as patience proves to be an essential element in the way things unspool. Layers are carefully balanced, one on top of the other in a way that feels uniquely their own style, as it washes over the listener in a fantastic hazy way.

“Lose Myself” shows off the deft skill of Ali Gilbert in defying easy categorization for a heartfelt track with a message that lingers in the mind.



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