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Low Girl debut “Big Now” is a joyous sound that sidesteps the trendy for a style that is a timeless

Low Girl - Big Now

Low Girl proves to be a powerful storyteller on the soulful, heady sound of “Big Now”. With a sound that has clear comparisons to groups like Phoebe Bridgers as well as the acid-fried splendour of King Gizzard, there is a lot going on within these jam-packed songs. Everything about them rings true from the stellar swag of the rhythms to the joyous righteous rage of the riffs, it all works. Perhaps the true soul of the entirety of the collection comes from the strength of Low Girl’s vocals. They hit a unique balance between bombast and balladry without falling into either category. Instead they find a sort of middle ground between the two extremes as they navigate a whole slew of different styles. Folk, pop, indie rock, all of these add to the heady brew of the jams.

Previous release "ICU"

“Dead Bird Song” starts the collection off on a high note and sets the tone for what follows. By far though the highlight of the collection and the title track “Big Now” steals the show. With clever, thought-provoking lyricism the song evolves in an intrepid, rather skillful way. A bit of tenderness and tender bliss flows throughout the whole of “Lovable Maybe” where some hope and yearning enters into the overall equation. Perfectly concluding the EP on a reflective stance is the powerful “Sertraline” which closes it out.

“Big Now” proves to be a joyous debut for Low Girl with a sound that sidesteps the trendy for a style that is a bit more timeless.



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