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Luke Richards comes through with an urbane sophisticated thought-provoking pop track.

Luke Richards - All I Really Want

Luke Richards comes through with an urbane sophisticated on the thought-provoking pop of “All I Really Want”. Funk, reggae, and a hint of punk power on through the entirety of the track. Balanced with such care, the groove that takes hold feels physical. Volume is a must for theirs is a force of nature approach, one that draws from the late 70s and early 80s in terms of its seemingly classic sound. The vocals are what ties it all together, with the many layers intermingling to create a spirit that feels truly sublime. His lyricism too has a poetry about it for it cascades ever downwards in a radiant haze.

The disembodied saxophone introduces the piece. Upon coming into focus there is a leisurely pace about it. Guitar work has a nimbleness to it, with their interplay adding to its intensity. Evolution of the sound feels poignant for they take on a laid-back feature, one that adds to the delicacy of the piece. Little details matter a great deal, whether it is an instrumental or lyrical flourish. Such a sun-drenched, tropical fervor emerges out of the smokiness of the track, adding to its sense of purpose. Carefully constructed he makes sure that it comes together for the final stretch in a way that feels confessional. Beat workouts further add to the spirited interplay they engage in, for they let loose right before the finale.

“All I Really Want” features Luke Richards’ uncannily soothing vocals and lyricism that has a magical, dreamy-eyed stance about it.



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