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Lutfia Releases Her Anticipated Debut EP: So Much For Summer

Debut EP - ‘So Much for Summer’ Author: Charlotte Bromley Expected for release on the 4th of December, singer-songwriter, and London BIMM student, Lutfia, explores a range of relatable stories that touch on young love and overcoming anxiety, through her brilliant debut EP: So Much for Summer. Being a prolific creator, Lutfia finds it easier to begin her song writing process with the piano yet manages to flesh out the production of her music with groovy, pop-rock, funk, and dance rhythms – which we no doubt see and hear in this collation of work. Delivering a strong vocal in an ethereal fashion, singing ‘I still have my arms to wrap round me,’ So Much for Summer opens with a groovy and bouncy, self-confidence inspiring track in ‘DiCaprio Quality.’ That is then followed by a more vulnerable, stripped-back record in ‘Heart Of Stone And Bones Of Steel.’

Prism, takes up the third spot on the list, and is one of two songs off the EP, that were released previously as singles. The other being Last Night; the closer of So Much for Summer. Despite falling nicely into the context and narrative themes of the EP, we see a development from these songs compared to the other four, in terms of Lutfia’s sound being fuller and more uniquely defined, something that can only improve again from here. Just A Stranger breaks up the EP in a powerful piano ballad while City Of Angels feels reminiscent of a coming-of-age film. Overall, an easy and delightful listen that somehow makes us grieve the passing of summer. Lutfia is predicted to follow this release with an imminent launch gig at Etcetera Theatre in London on the 13th of February next year, in 2022.

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While you're waiting, check out the lyric video for featured track 'Last Night' which has just dropped:



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