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Macklyn brings pure affection and love with “Okay (feat. Desmond Parson)”.

Macklyn - Okay (feat. Desmond Parson)

Macklyn brings pure affection and love with “Okay (feat. Desmond Parson)”. Nods to 90s R&B and hip-hop permeate the piece. Vocals have a deep reassuring presence to them. The lyrics are carefully chosen and they touch the very soul. Arrangements further emphasize the kindness that the piece explores in full. Rhythms keep it easy-going for the tempos are rolled back to make them as cool as a summer breeze. With melodies that glow they seem to waft all the way up into the sky. Patience proves of the essence for the buildup of the work has a gentle, stately grace to it.

Keyboards flutter about drifting up in the air. Nods to Marvin Gaye’s work appear throughout for there is that similar classic sensibility to it. The usage of synthesizer within the overall scope of the work helps to lend it a jazzy disposition. Vocalists trade duties as they make sure that the sense of community reigns supreme. Everything here works as it has a delicacy to it, one that has an undeniable power to it. Subtle shifts of the sound matter a great deal, from the tactile percussion to the lilting bass work. In fact, a lot of the bass work has an understated yet significant presence, seemingly coming in at the right time. Full of blooming colors the work has a graceful stance about it, for there is such compassion that brings the piece to a thoughtful conclusion.

“Okay (feat. Desmond Parson)” revels in the exquisite world-building of Macklyn in crafting something so soothing.



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