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“Magdalene” serves as one of those soulful bits of balladry that truly transcend genre.

Jane Allison – Magdalene

Jane Allison resurrects the summer of love’s gentle demeanor on the beautiful “Magdalene”. Her voice contains an entire life lived to the absolute fullest, the introspection and reflection that make such peace sound possible. The way she brings out the past of a rural psychedelic folk while gently pulling it forward is an absolute pleasure to behold. With honeyed vocals leading the way, it is easy to get lost in their many charms, the way there is a reassurance, even a hopefulness that is right on the periphery of the track. Best of all are her lyrics which at times draw from the poetic musings of folk singers like Richard & Mimi Farina in terms of their sheer radiance. Everything about it attains this rare mixture of the ancient and the modern in a way that does not lean too heavily in either direction.

The arrangement itself proves to be a lush piece of beauty. Instrumentally vibrant the group’s interplay is a thing of magic for they attain a degree of balance that feels quite palpable to fully take in. From the elegance of her guitar work, always featured prominently in her songs, to some unexpected delights, such as the way the piano seems to almost punctuate the power of her words, it all flows through in a great stream of consciousness.

“Magdalene” serves as one of those soulful bits of balladry that truly transcend genre, proving Jane Allison to be a skilled singer-songwriter and a welcome addition to that grand tradition.

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