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Marq Electronica has recently released a new studio single: "Spirit Of The Shaman".

Marq Electronica has recently released a new studio single: "Spirit Of The Shaman". September 2021 - Marq Electronica has been busy making new music, and his most recent studio release, "Spirit Of The Shaman", stands out as a fantastic example of his creativity and vision. His sound captures some of the best electro-pop elements, but there is so much more to it than that. In fact, Marq Electronica’s music is very open-minded, and he loves to incorporate a wider range of influences into his work. Most notably, his most recent release, "Spirit Of The Shaman", also features hints of 80s synthwave and modern EDM! This amazing new studio work is well-produced and incredibly accomplished on the standpoint of songwriting. The track is definitely recommended for anyone who enjoys the work of artists such as David Bowie, New Order, and Brian Eno, but not only. The cohesion of this production is quite remarkable. As a result of it, the listening experience is truly smooth and immersive, akin to a journey through sound that will take the audience someplace else.

Find out more about Marq Electronica, and do not miss out on "Spirit Of The Shaman". This release is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming platforms on the web, and beyond. You can watch the fantastic video here:

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