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Martin Petty captures the sheer brutality and intense trip of Eckotrigger’s “COLLIDE”.

Eckotrigger – COLLIDE (Martin Petty Directed Music Video)

Martin Petty captures the sheer brutality and intense trip of Eckotrigger’s “COLLIDE” with harrowing results. The strobe light effects recall a bit of Alex Rutterford’s work on the constantly shifting “Gantz Graf” music video, for the shot has a sense of geometry about it. Highly stylized, the real point of comparison, in terms of the visuals as well as the content itself, comes from Chris Cunningham’s work. Like Chris’s ethos, Martin is not one to shy away from grotesque imagery. In fact, Martin embraces it for the lyrical content does require it to a very large degree.

Right from the beginning things are quite unseemly. He wastes no time in setting the mood, a dark dank nasty place with little in the way of salvation. The colour theme too has an intrinsic beauty to it, for the mixes of the colours sort of lends the video a modern Rothko approach. A brooding quality underlies the lyricism itself and Martin reflects this quite nicely within the environment he’s created for the story. Just full of grime yet there is a certain lust for hope, a betterment that could be attainable. Even the mess feels just right, as the chaos of papers and various other little items helps to add to the sense of the purely unhinged. By bringing it all together he crafts something beautiful in its ugliness.

Done with a degree of poise, Martin Petty goes for wild, animalistic fevered dream of a music video on Eckotrigger’s “COLLIDE”.

Martin Petty

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