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Marzb features a phenomenal flow on the chilled-out atmospherics of “Friends”.

Marzb – Friends

Marzb features a phenomenal flow on the chilled-out atmospherics of “Friends”. Here there is a sparkling presence to the whole of the thing for there is a lushness to it. A neat mixture of pop, R&B, and hip-hop there is a giddiness that helps to frame the whole thing. Everything about it has a shining spirit about it. Virtually sun-drenched, there is a tropical flavor to the way he steadily lets the groove unfurl. Kept light and bright, the quick on its feet approach works wonders for the message. By far the highlight comes from the clever lyricism. Rather than try to convince someone to be romantically involved, this one promotes friendship and acknowledges the fact that sometimes that can be wonderful. A rare statement yet a necessary one, and one that ought to show up in more songs.

The song starts off small, with little gestures growing and gradually getting magnified. From there the piece becomes a little slice of heaven. His voice has a deep, calming presence for its unrushed demeanor adds to the charm. Layer upon layer enters into the mix further ensuring that there is a majesty about the way it comes together. Within the sound itself he offers a great number of unique flourishes that further highlight the kindness of the work. All of it has a particular balance, allowing for a sense of space to enter into the equation.

“Friends” features Marzb’s honest and thoughtful lyricism, one that has a universality to it that is quite refreshing to behold.



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