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MEMORY MOTEL makes chillwave feel alive again on the joyous ode of “HAZEL EYES”.


MEMORY MOTEL makes chillwave feel alive again on the joyous ode of “HAZEL EYES”. Quite similar in spirit to Neon Indian’s hit “Deadbeat Summer” track, it has that same happy faded aspect. Vocals get drenched in beautiful reverb for they embody a bit of shoegaze’s everything as a wall of sound approach. Full of life the song is pure ear candy, as the hooks they lay down are flawless. Bass weaves its way through the whole thing, for its emphasis proves to be a rather understated power, one that gives the track a purposeful journey.

Busting out onto the scene they waste no time in setting the good vibes. Everything here has a sense of pure contentment. Their ear for melody is profound as the song glides through with no a single care in the world. Over the course of the journey, they make sure that there is a giddiness to the piece. With a sense of togetherness, the whole thing runs through a wonderful display of different textures. Nor do they take only from pop music – strong elements of dance music anchor the song into place. Always pure loveliness the lyrics waft on through the thick and heavy air, though this is definitely a surrender to the greater density of the work. For the final stretch it all comes together in a delightfully balanced fashion.

“HAZEL EYES” revels in its exquisite detail proving MEMORY MOTEL to be true masters of their craft providing a summer jam right in the nick of time.



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