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“Mercy” revels in the intrepid skill of Pete Kavanagh in conjuring up wide open spaces.

Pete Kavanagh – Mercy

A classic bit of dry western twang, Pete Kavanagh deeply explores a sense of space on the powerful and spacious “Mercy”. With nods towards greats like Johnny Cash, the whole of the sound features a tremendous strength to it. His voice rests front and center of the entire thing for he makes sure to hold absolutely nothing back. Indeed, there is a force of nature quality to it. Lyrics are chosen with caregiving the song an almost literary bent. Rhythms keep it slow and steady for the way it unfurls gives it a majesty. This feature, alongside the long duration of the track itself, makes it feel akin to a whole other universe, one that Pete explores with such vigor.

From the first moment, the song’s tone is set. Upon the inclusion of the vocals the song truly begins. By refusing to follow any sort of trend he instead chooses an approach that has a timeless cadence to it. The way the song slowly and gradually evolves further gives it a seemingly endless presence for he makes sure that the duration adds to its hypnotic stance. Arrangement-wise it picks things apart, with the many layers changing position in their own small yet significant way. Volume is a must for this is a force of nature tact, one where every single element matters. By the final stretch there is a resolution of sorts, a kind of peace that he reaches.

“Mercy” revels in the intrepid skill of Pete Kavanagh in conjuring up wide open spaces.



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