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Merit Maker holds nothing back on the intense post hardcore energy of “Attitude Is Everything”.

Merit Maker - Attitude Is Everything

Merit Maker holds nothing back on the intense post hardcore energy of “Attitude Is Everything”. Aptly named, they burn through these tracks with nary a care. The nice, full-bodied aggression of the album gives it a potency, as if they are unleashing it upon the unsuspecting listener. Quite impeccably crafted they prove to be skilled with some rather uncanny chops and ear for infectious hooks. References to the sound abound but perhaps most prominently there is a bit of Squirrel Bait/Husker Du energy that helps to tie the whole thing together. With the vocals though it is able to reach that fantastic peak as the frenzied activity has a sense of urgency behind it. Lyrics are shouted above the din giving it a sense of togetherness.

The opening “Second Glance” starts off with a riff that rises and falls in action, before the rest of the band bursts out onto the scene in a sudden explosion of sound. “Raging On” is true to its name for the feral nature of the piece is outstanding, as the many layers intermingle to create this labyrinth of rhythms. A driving drum hit propels “Rebellious Ways” forward with the right hint of defiance. Pure fury rages on with the colossal chaos of “So Blinded” complete with jagged riffs that smash into each other. Bringing the whole album to an epic closure is the expressive finale “Slipping Away”.

“Attitude Is Everything” shows off Merit Maker’s ability to create their own world, one that embodies the punk ethos perfectly.



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