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Mia Mormino adorns the track with pure swagger on the sweet sounds of “Pour Another”.

Mia Mormino - Pour Another

Mia Mormino adorns the track with pure swagger on the sweet sounds of “Pour Another”. Everything about it explores a loss of control. The song has a force of nature quality to it. Stylistically it brings together elements of R&B, funk, pop, and more into the fray. By far the highlight comes from the intensity of her voice. A bluesy quality enters into the fray. Lots of fire radiates from the strength of the vocals. Plenty of flourishes emerge as layer upon layer comes into the mix for it becomes ever denser.

A nice emergence of the sound has a delicacy to it. The song comes into focus with a bit of loveliness about it. She takes her time in setting the moment. Evolution happens with a degree of grace. Her pop instincts are on point for she virtually has her voice vacuum sealed at first, before the rest of the sound scurries on by. Done with such dignity about it there is a power to the way she commands the listener. All of it feels so beautiful to behold. Notes of early Lady Gaga and even St. Vincent’s more recent work inform the sound. However, this is distinctly Mia’s show and she makes sure the listener does not forget it. Rather skillfully an entire narrative enters the fray. With the great amount of polish and production has a greatness to it right as it ends.

“Pour Another” has a glamorous demeanor to it, for Mia Mormino’s voice has a power to it.



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