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Mikara keeps things to the essentials on the fiery soulfulness of “You’re Gonna Miss Me”.

Mikara - You're Gonna Miss Me

Mikara keeps things to the essentials on the fiery soulfulness of “You’re Gonna Miss Me”. There are nods to Lana Del Ray’s stripped back raw intimacy that made the sound absolutely sparkle. Everything here works and there a delight to be had in witnessing it all. Gentle touches matter a great deal for the tender sound relies upon the power of her voice, and her voice delivers. Lyrics read like poetry as the verses cascade with a meditative charm. Such peacefulness reigns supreme over the whole of the work for it sprawls out into the seemingly infinite. With the accompaniment of only the guitar there is a celebratory repetition to the way the sound seems to flow.

She starts things off strong, with her powerful voice leading the way. A sense of purpose permeates the entirety of the work, for she makes it all comes together into a thing of exquisite beauty behind it. The crystal clarity of her vision becomes abundantly obvious for she makes the verses work, exploring a wasted relationship, the annoyance it brings, and the sense of self that reaffirms itself once the whole thing comes to a close. Her word choice is very specific and the level of detail feels outright glorious to behold. Cleverly, this track ends on a bit of a defiant note, for it has a sense of discovering oneself and valuing oneself.

“You’re Gonna Miss Me” shows off Mikara’s deft skill in creating something truly serene with a thoughtfulness that truly matters.



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