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Mike Coner goes for a yearning sense of romance on “Nadie Como Tu”.

Mike Coner - Nadie Como Tu

Mike Coner goes for a yearning sense of romance on “Nadie Como Tu”. A luxurious swagger defines much of the work, for there is a tenderness yet confidence that enters into the equation. The smoothness of the style means that every little gesture gets magnified into the infinite. With a keen ear for melody the popcraft on display here reverberates over the course of the experience. He keeps a crystal clarity here never overwhelming the mood. Rhythms have a profound quality to them, making sure that they retain this spry sensibility.

His vocals introduce the sound. They maintain their edge for the rest of the sound flowers from his initial burst of energy. Quite conversational there is an intimacy celebrated here. Part of that is made possible by the tenor of his delivery, one that conveys a knowing quality. Beyond that the low-key vocal aspect is the minimalism of the groove itself. Kept sparse yet effective, the percussive element work to punctuate the importance of his words. Melodies feature a familiarity to them. All of them bounce on off into the distance, as they run through the verses with ease. With this easy-going spirit the song has a contemporary flair, one combining pieces of the aforementioned pop alongside aspects of R&B, hip-hop, and electronica that results in something far more unique than the sum of its parts.

“Nadie Como Tu” features a powerful message, showing off the undeniable strength of Mike Coner for he creates a wild, vivid world that swirls about the mind.



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