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miss anita features a playful disposition on the soothing sounds of “oh”.

miss anita – oh

An infectious blissed-out piece of dreamy-eyed pop, miss anita features a playful disposition on the soothing sounds of “oh”. From the whistling to the electro pop flourishes, it all works. The communal sensibility of the track truly helps to sell and bring the whole message home in a way that touches the very soul. Layers are brought into the fray of the work for there is a greatness of the track. Beats stun with the physicality of the sound for there is a righteousness to it. So much volume is brought into the work giving it a wonderful sense of animalistic glee. Full of love, the passion of the work has a stunning aspect that guides it forward.

Right from the beginning the neon-hued elements of the work set the tone. Balance here feels perfect. Little flourishes get magnified within the whole of the mix, helping to add to the sense of imaginative adventure that takes hold. A geographical quality of the piece allows there to be a vividness to it, allowing it to give it a sense of place. Everything about it further adds to the sense of hope that rests right in the center of it. Vocals further add into the spirit of the work, for they nicely rise above the fray, featuring a peacefulness to it. For the finale of the work it all gets woven together full of compassion and care.

On “oh” miss anita opts for a universal approach, one that captures the sense of endless opportunity that youth provide.



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