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Miss Torsion employs an industrial gothic aesthetic to great effect on “Love Parasite”.

Miss Torsion - Love Parasite

Miss Torsion employs an industrial gothic aesthetic to great effect on “Love Parasite”. Harnessing a sheer force of nature within the sound there is a grandeur that takes place. The buildup on here is exceptional for the volume simply increases over the duration of the sound. Flourishes are brought in with care. Nods to groups like Skinny Puppy, Cabaret Voltaire, and others help to play an important role within the duration of the track. Best of all her voice has a tremendous physicality to it.

From the very first moment the beat takes the lead. A hard, metallic hit helps to propel the sound forward. The rest of the sound eventually falls into place in a way that feels quite considered. Riffs race on through merging with the groove itself. Everything here works wonders for the driving, economical tempo has a fire behind it. Upon her voice entering into the equation the mood has already been set. Her lyrics drip with a haunted beauty, a lust, a lushness that feels so visceral. Rather carefully, the song gets woven together. Piece upon piece makes sure that the song comes into focus until it becomes razor sharp. Quite wonderfully she holds nothing back allowing for a certain degree of unexpected twists and turns to enter into the equation. For the final stretch it settles into an urgent groove which closes it out effortlessly.

“Love Parasite” shows off Miss Torsion’s ability to create a vast, unwieldly sound that truly bludgeons the listener into submission.



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