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Monroe Moon engages in a postmodern form of pop poetry with “Glad To Exist”.

Monroe Moon - Glad To Exist

Monroe Moon engages in a postmodern form of pop poetry with “Glad To Exist”. Things here feature a laid-back chill atmosphere. Individuals familiar with the easy-going spirit of Stereolab will find a lot to enjoy here. Vocals have their gentle, graceful purpose. Rhythms lean towards the mellow as well with much of the attention of the track paid on the atmosphere. Almost floating up into the sky at times a slight dreaminess permeates the journey. Lyricism goes for kindness as there is an affirmational quality to each verse. Dripping with happiness the song feels all-encompassing with its positive attitude.

Done with a degree of sweetness the song starts up slowly. Never going all that fast it has an iridescent quality. Lots of colors filter into the fray further adding to its light psychedelic vibe. Vocals too has a textural quality merging effortlessly with the arrangement. Melodies here go for a classic stance as they sidestep trends for a work that is a bit more timeless. Verses wash over the listener much in the same way as some of My Bloody Valentine’s work. Rather than focus on the word choice they embrace a sense of mood. Over the course of the journey it is easy to get lost in the many details of the work, for it has a kindness that definitely informs the entirety of the work all the way to the soothing finale.

“Glad To Exist” revels in the good taste of Monroe Moon with each twist and turn leading towards ever-brighter pastures.



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