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Monroe Moon offers up a fine psychedelic slice of indie pop on “New Utopia”.

Monroe Moon - New Utopia

Monroe Moon offers up a fine psychedelic slice of indie pop on “New Utopia”. Beyond these influences the sense of the blues that emerges out of it has a refreshing quality. Almost dream-like at times, the true core of the song comes from her emotive vocals. Sung with crystal clarity, she brings the listener along this relative journey. Crafting a world that feels fully lived-in, there is a loveliness to the sound that radiates on into the seemingly infinite. Over the course of the experience the song becomes heavier and heavier, with the instrumentation gaining a degree of richness about it, one that feels reassuring to a degree.

From the first moment the lyricism takes hold. Verses cascade off each other. The pastoral imagery becomes ointment for the very soul. Evolution occurs slowly but surely featuring a confidence that is downright a pleasure to behold. Within each ebb and flow of the work there is a careful ability of the words to craft a whole image. Rhythms have a laid-back spirit to them, informed more by the sound itself rather than anything else. Grooves go for a bass-laden, slow-moving style. By ensuring that every single element gets enough room to roam, there is a delicacy to it. Many different aspects emerge out of the initial burst. Towards the final stretch the rest of the song comes on through nicely having a bit of a resolution.

“New Utopia” shows off the atmosphere and hazy ways of Monroe Moon resulting in something truly spellbinding.



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