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Montrell's 'Simpler In The Dark' adopts the late 60s psychedelic folk spirit with a modern flair.

Montrell - Simpler In The Dark

Montrell go for a pared down piece of indie rock perfection on the communal celebration of “Simpler In The Dark”. Never overdoing things, they keep things simple yet effective. There is a certain Mountain Goats spirit to the whole of the piece, for they prove to be poetic storytellers. Additionally, the arrangement, while kept simple, has a passion that pours on throughout the entirety of the piece. Everything about their delivery has a great kindness to it for they sing together in a communal way, further highlighting the importance of community. Folk proves to be an important cornerstone of the work, and they employ a timeless quality that feels outright stunning.

The guitar and vocals set the tenor of the track. From there the rest of the song builds up in tension, before the groove establishes itself as the song progresses. Drums have a ramshackle rhythm to them for they ensure that it all has a careful balance to it, one that feels outright tender to the touch. Vocals filter and out the fray, for there is a beauty to the way that they have a caring, compassionate quality to the way the song blooms in bright brilliant bursts of colour. Usage of the instruments, and the way they are all packed with such fire, adds to the enormous sense of peace that the song explores.

“Simpler In The Dark” shows off the intimacy of Montrell as they adopt the late 60s psychedelic folk spirit with a modern flair.



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