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Mortal Prophets deliver a decadent take on electro, industrial, and dance.

Mortal Prophets - Stomp The Devil (feat. Gary Lucas)

Mortal Prophets deliver a decadent take on electro, industrial, and dance on the thoroughly wild “Stomp The Devil (feat. Gary Lucas)”. Vocals swim through the din as there is a compelling quality to the rest of the sound. They take on a commanding presence for his vocals are placed front and center of the entire experience. Lyrics here matter a great deal for they hold absolutely nothing back. Rhythms perfectly punctuate the power of each of their words. With a cleverness behind each verse, they make sure that there is this rather wild, unhinged presence to it.

The strings certainly do a solid job in getting the thing started. A dramatic tension of sorts starts it out and never stops. Buildup of the sound occurs though it continues a degree of darkness about it. Such a tortured stance the grooves run through the entirety of the piece resulting in something that has a fierceness to it. Everything here has a power about it one that drives it forward. Over the course of the journey the inherent sleaze of the atmosphere the way it paints a vivid picture feels fully realized. Volume is a given for they make sure that there is a joy to be found, one that is not entirely wholesome with the work coming to a symphonic close.

“Stomp The Devil (feat. Gary Lucas)” opts for a truly inspired piece of pop for Mortal Prophets holds nothing back crafting a skilled balanced sound that is entirely of their own design.



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