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MOTH's “Intergalatic POV” sonically washes over everything leaving a beautiful blissful glow.

MOTH - Intergalatic POV

MOTH goes for an otherworldly sound on the aptly named “Intergalatic POV”. Full of such tenderness and love, the song has a dazed, hazy quality to it. A mixture of classical, ambient, drone, all the while firmly rooted in dream pop, there is a passion that ties the whole piece together. Her vocals possess such depth to them with rhythms that go for a physicality of sort. Bass here feels gorgeous as the rest of the sound rides those massive grooves. None of this would be anywhere as effective if it were not for those melodies, whose delicate fragile spirit helps to tie the entirety of the track together in a way that is truly profound to fully behold.

A fantastic cresting approach introduces the piece with swelling synthesizers offering a slight nod to Beach House’s dense mixes. Her voice however, goes for a more intimate setting, one that conveys a sense of closeness and yearning. Full of such love, the lyrics have a poetic quality to them with each verse building off the last until the whole of the journey comes fully into view. By allowing all these many elements into intermingle the patterns become quite ornate. Easy to get lost within the cascading tide, the work constantly grows and expands in a way that feels akin to a force of nature.



“Intergalatic POV” shows off MOTH’s uncanny ability to craft a universe entirety of their own creation with a sound that washes over everything leaving a beautiful blissful glow.



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