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“Motion” revels in the brilliant bliss of Louis Pax’s uncanny storytelling ability.

Louis Pax – Motion

Pure heart and soul radiate throughout Louis Pax’s “Motion”. With the spirit of a true summer jam, the song is drenched in light. There is a buoyancy to the track that feels majestic to behold. A lot of color filters on into the mix with the many layers intermingling to craft something quite beautiful. Neon-hued synthesizers underly the whole of the piece. Rhythms have an easy-going aspect to them for there is a brilliance to them. Full of a certain degree of life, there is an exploratory aspect for the song blooms in a bright brilliant light. Beats here feature a nimbleness for while the rhythm has this addictive quality about it they make sure to carry the listener along on the entirety of their journey.

The song starts off on a strong note, for there is a razor-sharp focus to the way they let the verses cascade. Done with a degree of dignity, their clear vision results in something that touches the very core. A romantic sensibility proves to be readily apparent for his voice contains multitudes. So full of love he lets the many layers intertwine while retaining that initial airiness to the very piece. Everything about it swirls and churns about. Keeping things full of a degree of bliss, their work is one of those thoughtful and optimistic pieces of pop, one with a message that lingers with the listener long after the track has ended.

“Motion” revels in the brilliant bliss of Louis Pax’s uncanny storytelling ability.



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