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Mr Foster creates a highly unique balance between hip-hop meets blues.

Mr Foster - Blood Aint Thicker Than Water (feat. Davis Chris, W!ll & Deborah Berrios)

Mr Foster delivers a blistering performance on the intensely emotional “Blood Aint Thicker Than Water (feat. Davis Chris, W!ll & Deborah Berrios). A highly unique balance between hip-hop meets blues, there is a tremendous weight given to their message. Flows are pure fire here for they hold absolutely nothing back, allowing it all to hit the listener in a grandiose fashion. Beats have a tremendous force of nature presence to them for they are perfectly polished and executed with precision.

For the first few moments, an angelic choir opens the track on a magnificent note. The soaring scope of this introduction is pulled back quite quickly for the vocals enter into the fray with a tremendous heft behind them. Vocalists here draw a bit from the Notorious B.I.G. for they have that same level of gravitas as there is a razor-sharp vision that takes shape. With such sheer fervour this imagery has a brooding quality to it, as each vocalist builds off the last. This interplay feels passionate for they incorporate so much into the sound, as volume is an absolute must. Everything throbs with a low-level headrush for the exquisite amount of detail grows ever more beautiful, as the word choice proves to be as sharp as a knife, allowing every single detail plenty of room to roam.

“Blood Aint Thicker Than Water (feat. Davis Chris, W!ll & Deborah Berrios)” shows off the masterful poetry of Mr Foster’s lyricism in exploring a world that feels so real and visceral.



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