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Mum’s Favourite offers a sensual, full-bodied experience of dream pop.

Mum's Favourite – Primrose

Mum’s Favourite offers a sensual, full-bodied experience of dream pop on the lush cadences of “Primrose”. Everything here feels gauzy as if it is just out of focus. Within the subdued style, one gets the sense of pop, shoegaze, ambient, even dance rock for the song sprawls out into the seemingly infinite. Rather mysterious they keep their distance always remaining just out of focus. The entire sound has a physicality to it one that feels purely beautiful. Vocals here have a tremendous loveliness to them for they are full of such tremendous passion. By keeping the song’s buildup going ever larger, the way that they put color into the textures adds to the profound perfection of the work.

Lyrics have a half-remembered quality to them. Rhythms, when they enter, virtually explode overhead. Nods to early 90s indie emerge throughout. Their ability to play with tempo, textures, and more allows the song a degree of grandeur. Bass here has a cleverness to it remaining subtle yet significant. A physicality of sorts allows the whole of the thing to balance with a cleverness. Her voice gradually comes closer to the listener, trying to traverse such tremendous distances. Ebbing and following on through the whole of the track, the way that they are able to go so heavy before pulling back. Quite pretty there is a beauty to it, especially towards the finale where it all comes together.

“Primrose” features an incredible atmosphere, one that shows off Mum’s Favourite’s uncanny ability to transport the listener to a whole new world.



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