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Murnau brings a pure uncut sense of noise rock din with the intense trip of “Dalia”.

Murnau – Dalia

Murnau brings a pure uncut sense of noise rock din with the intense trip of “Dalia”. Distortion reigns supreme and walls of sound is of the essence. The drums further add to the undue sense of pure gleeful chaos for the cymbal work makes sure that the guitars are fully fleshed out. Volume is a given for they hold nothing back. On the very edge of grunge meets noise, this is a purely 90s sound, a love of lo-fi runs through it. Lyrics and vocals are an afterthought trying to rise above the rest adding to the otherworldly quality of the piece.

A fantastic buildup in the beginning sets the mood for what follows. From the very first moment the mood is set, with the intensity growing and growing. They do not let up. Interplay here feels fantastic while the group flails about with an uncanny sense of style. Quite out of leftfield the sheer duration of the song further adds to the power of the work. Layer upon layer runs through the whole of the piece. Flirting with outright metal at certain moments the urgency of the work comes from it never stopping. On the fidelity side of things, the raw grit and soul of the production quality gives it an intimacy to it, one that feels perfectly gorgeous to behold. For the final stretch they let it all go into the pure abyss.

“Dalia” features the uncanny ability of Murnau to create their own aural universe one that completely stuns the very senses.



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