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“My Best” shows off the smooth lush style of the Jones Project.

The Jones Project - My Best

AM pop perfection from a distant universe, the Jones Project is easy like Sunday morning on the blissful “My Best”. The sound is a dead-ringer for Stones Throw’s impeccable output, particularly Jerry Paper’s soulful crooning. Sung like half-forgotten dream the lush style feels easy to get lost in for it gently ebbs and flows with such ease. Basslines maintain the crystal cool clarity of the entire piece, nimbly making it way through. Drums go for that slow roll on through, giving it a classic hit in just the right way. Evolution of the sound at times touches upon some of Mac DeMarco’s laid-back attitude, though the Jones Project take that silky smooth jazz inflection even further.

Right from the very first moment, the mood is set. That luxurious wash of sound feels so absolutely peaceful. Upon the inclusion of the vocals things truly progress. His delivery feels impeccable so calm and serene throughout the whole of the piece, with each verse chosen to further emphasize this mellowed-out attitude. A story unfurls over the course of the track and this narrative helps to tie much of it together. The buildup of the sound happens with such subtle shifts that it is almost impossible to pinpoint those little changes, so skillfully are they employed. It is such a fragile sense of beauty that emerges on the track akin to a little daydream.

“My Best” shows off the smooth lush style of the Jones Project in channelling a little bit of woozy sunshine.


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