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My Fine Companions delivers something stunning, delicate and delightful.

My Fine Companions - O Daughter (feat. Alice Kidney)

A fantastic communal experience, My Fine Companions incorporates the blues, soul, and an ancient folk tradition with “O Daughter (feat. Alice Kidney)”. They treat this sound with a reverence ensuring that every flourish matters. Voices here work in a way akin to Low’s majesty. By keeping the arrangement subdued, one truly gets to experience their whole range for the intertwining vocals prove to be the true selling point of the entire work. Holding absolutely nothing back, the song evolves at its own delicate pace. Even at its heaviest it retains its own pastoral hue.

Guitar starts the thing up with the right mood. Notes of the Mountain Goat emerge on the soulful playing for it is kept simple yet emotionally charged. From that humble beginning they let the rest of the sound fall into place. The atmosphere itself has an intimacy to it one that feels quite majestic to behold in full. Layer upon layer gets brought into the fray yet they retain that open airy quality. Even the rhythm that helps to anchor the entire work gives it that right kick to it, one that feels so soothing to behold. Alice’s voice has an exceptionally lovely quality, for it seemingly rises above the rest of the arrangement. Verses matter a lot for they are woven together to create this fine tapestry, a careful considered stance that adds to the brilliance of the entire piece.

My Fine Companions delivers something stunning, delicate and delightful with “O Daughter (feat. Alice Kidney)”.



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