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My Friend The Chimpanzee features the exquisite industrial pop ethos of “Time Traveller”.

My Friend The Chimpanzee - Time Traveller

My Friend The Chimpanzee features the exquisite industrial pop ethos of “Time Traveller”. Storytelling has a cleverness to it for it unfurls exploring quite literally the entire universe. By expanding and contracting the size of the narrative there is a beauty to behold. He goes for the extremely personal and gradually pans out to reveal how that single life relates to the extensive quality of the entire existence at large, going through billions of years. Nicely punctuating the power of his words are elements of electro, techno, EDM, and more into a satisfyingly sweet whole. Melodies help to add to this sense of contemplation. Groups such as Depeche Mode appear to be a major influence throughout the whole of the experience.

Bursting out with the infectious groove the song wastes no time in getting started, for the various sounds bounce off each other in this vast space. The way the layers intermingle adds to the sparkling quality of the entirety of the piece. From the first moment there is a deep dive into the very concept of being alive at this very moment. Whole vast swathes of time are brought forward, ones that take on what it means to truly think about one’s place in a greater system. Constantly in flux, the evolution of the sound has a natural quality to it, making sure the small yet significant details come into view.

“Time Traveller” shows off My Friend The Chimpanzee’s dreamy disposition and ability to reflect upon a life lived to the absolute fullest.


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