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“My Life’s Work” Paperfriend’s unique approach and ability to explore a sound that radiates passion.

Paperfriend - My Life's Work

Paperfriend effortlessly blends a whole slew of styles together on the affectionate multi-suite experience of “My Life’s Work”. Hip-hop, pop punk, indie rock and folk blend into a sound that is distinctly his own. A true trip of a track the way it evolves and expands the sound out feels outright majestic. By far though the true show-stealer of the sound comes from Paperfriend’s assured earnest vocals. The sense of yearning that runs through the whole piece feels palpable as the song describes the navigation of relationships and the desire for more.

Right from the beginning that guitar sort of clues the listener into its mischief. Upon the drop of the beat the song bursts forth with a vast array of colours. With a seemingly endless sense of possibility the expansion of the mix becomes something beautiful to behold. The rhythm offers a considered balance between pop and hip-hop, never quite settling into either. It is this duality that proves to be of the essence from the crystal-clear cadence of the guitar to the way additional features filter into the fray. A tension underpins the entirety of the piece and he simply lets it become almost vibrating with pure giddiness. When he finally lets it all release in a fantastic bloom of colour for the final stretch, it has an earned quality to it for the outpouring of emotion has a touching quality to it.

“My Life’s Work” shows off Paperfriend’s highly unique approach and ability to explore a sound that radiates passion.



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