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“My Love” shows off the deft singer-songwriter chops of Hannah Paris.

Hannah Paris - My Love

Hannah Paris sings for a life lived to the fullest on the touching and poignant “My Love”. This heartfelt ballad is an ode to the loss of a loved one. Within this sadness, she finds a sense of hope that perhaps they will meet again in a different world at a different time. Loss is a difficult thing to handle and the delicate, tender way that Hannah approaches it feels quite beautiful, for there is a beauty in the knowledge that these moments can carry on long after the person is no longer with us. A memory lingers on as well as the future of reunion however that may. Behind her a backing band perfectly anticipates her every vocal gesture and inclination, following and accompanying her with ease.

The hushed awe of the open grows and shifts away. Her guitar has an elegance to it matched only by the strength of her vocals. With the western twang of the guitar working wonders, the rest of the sound gradually comes into focus. A cinematic flair of sorts the way the piece builds and grows in unexpectedly joyful ways feels deeply reassuring. Lyrics may involve loss, but they needn’t be sad and Hannah expresses this with such carefully delivered lines, and such thoughtful lyricism. A perfect piece, she allows the song room to roam as it effortlessly lifts her and the listener up.

“My Love” shows off the deft singer-songwriter chops of Hannah Paris who creates a true classic.


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