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Nahoum Hay offer an optimistic take on the long journey that awaits those searching for themselves.

Nahoum Hay - White Robe

Nahoum Hay offer an optimistic take on the long journey that awaits those searching for themselves on the powerful “White Robe”. Lyrics here centre the entirety of the piece and are delivered with pure fire. A deft singer, the vocals seem set on soaring into the sky in a majestic, even transcendent, sort of fashion. The arrangement adheres to this steely-eyed vision, for it too is enthused with so much energy. Melodies sparkle in the sun for there is a graciousness to the entirety of the thing. With all the many layers intermingling, there are bright brilliant bursts of colour even as the tempo increases ever more. So many genres help to inform this work, from faith-based pop to rock to even elements of electronica adding to the sense of all-consuming peace of mind.

Right from the beginning he holds nothing back for the song comes into focus quickly. Settling upon a celebratory spirit, the work explores what it means to overcome. Though the subjects explored, of addiction, dependence, etc. are heavy it contains so much hope behind it. Instead of wallowing in the mire, the work points to a path forward towards something far bigger than oneself. With this tact the whole thing works wonders developing, building, and expanding up into the seemingly infinite. Absolutely beautiful the song has a sunny grandeur that radiates throughout.

“White Robe” features a bit of bliss, for Nahoum Hay has a cleverness about how he sculpts the sound to create a serene environment, one so warm and inviting.



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