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“Nameless Things” shows off Eli Gauden’s deft skill in exploring a quiet sense of pure contemplation

Eli Gauden - Nameless Things

Delicate beauty defines Eli Gauden’s lovely lilt of “Nameless Things”. The soft features add to the mysterious charm of the piece. A hushed awe frames the entirety of the work from the fragile arrangement to the patient painterly delivery of her voice. Every gesture matters a great deal for it is those small elements that matter. Light melodies waft into the mix adding to a heightened sense of self-awareness. Word choice proves to be of the utmost importance for the impact each verse has feels wonderful, allowing for a great deal of kindness to radiate throughout. For deep within the track’s very DNA there is a kindness.

Wistful, delicate guitars merge with strings to create something so spellbindingly beautiful. Her voice has a gorgeous, understated quality to it. The way every word is carefully and precisely delivered adds to the hypnotic entrancement. Small flourishes incorporate themselves into the sound for it flows akin to a great narrative. Lines further add to this sensibility one that simply stun with their cool, easy-going approach. Elements of folk filter into the fray, with pieces of the blues further added to give it that additional heft. Full of so much love the way that things unravel and rebuild offers a bit of hope into the proceedings, especially towards the finale. Right at the very end of it all she ties together all these many different styles into a unified crystal clear vision.

“Nameless Things” shows off Eli Gauden’s deft skill in exploring a quiet sense of pure contemplation.



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