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Natalie Jean offers up a song of defiance on the determined “I’m Done”.

Natalie Jean – I’m Done

Natalie Jean offers up a song of defiance on the determined “I’m Done”. Rock, pop, electro, EDM, and more filter into the luxurious sound. Atmospherically soothing the sound washes over the listener. The song has a multifaceted, multi-suite aspect to it. By sewing together so many different genres into the single work there is a beauty about it. Word choice feels gorgeous for they cascade in a fantastic swirl to it. Her voice possesses a tremendous flexibility to it. Elastic in terms of how her voice ties everything together, there is a bit of a playfulness to it. Lyricism goes for an intense quality, one that has an independent fervor about it. The sense of independence feels doubly refreshing, an anti-love, anti-reliant song of sorts, one that requires only the belief in oneself.

Volume starts off on a hushed awe about it. From this early bloom the seed of the song grow up into something quite color. The ebb and flow of the song features some thoughtfulness behind it. Done with a bit of a kindness to it, the piece evolves in a careful way. So much comes in and out of focus, making sure that there is a living, breathing aspect. Word choice here matters for the careful delicacy of each element matters. For the final little stretch the piece seems to neatly tie together all that came before it. With this final interlude there is a sense of accomplishment as one more hint of rising action comes to an end.

“I’m Done” revels in the exquisite storytelling ability of Natalie Jean.



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