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“New World” Kalan to be a master storyteller.

Kalan – New World

Kalan spits bars with fire on the powerful “New World”. The gargantuan sound perfectly punctuates the power of his words. Every verse is packed to the brim with pop culture references that race on by in a brilliant blur. His undeniable swagger comes to define the whole of the collection for the production has a massive build to it with bass brought right into the brink. Done with an almost cinematic flair the sheer weight of the sound is breathtaking going for a hard, raw approach with hooks aplenty. Multifaceted and multi-layered, the churn of the tempo and the beats themselves bludgeon the listener into submission.

Jagged electro grooves run on through the whole of the dramatic opener “Can’t Tell Me”. By far the highlight of the collection “Can’t Tell Me” features broken down beats build right back up in a way reminiscent of the fuck around and find out attitude of Das Racist. A desire for change permeates the message of the cautiously hopeful title track “New World”. Nimble percussion skitters about on the edges of “Leave Me Alone” which features a sense of defiance. On “Worry Bout Yourself” things have a bounce to them with Kalan riding the beat with the utmost of ease. Featuring dramatic flourishes the intensity of “Time” brings the whole of the EP to a close with a note of grandeur.

“New World” reveals Kalan to be a master storyteller with narratives that linger on in the mind long after the tracks have ended.


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