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NIMF Releases New Sugar Pop Track "Cloudy Dreams"

New Sugar Pop Track "Cloudy Dreams" By NIMF
New Sugar Pop Track "Cloudy Dreams" By NIMF

NIMF is an Irish sugar-pop performance artist originally from Arklow, Co. Wicklow. Her productions are artistic and create sonic ear candy for listeners. Her music takes you deep into the woods and leaves you there to dream and get lost in nature. NIMF's goal as a songwriter is to take you to a dreamland, and she nails it. As a kid, she was fascinated with magical creatures, which is why you notice a her style being influenced by the mythological nymph, with a creative cyberpunk twist.

Her newest song “Cloudy dreams” takes the listener on a journey of escaping reality. The song takes your imagination somewhere high into the clouds, leaving space to create an entire dream or illusion. Her voice is soft, angelic, and ethereal. I love how it is not powerful or aggressive but just perfect in the mix.

The epitome of a DIY musician, NIMF created this entire song from her bedroom. From writing and recording to the artwork and PR, NIMF manages her whole artist project.

NIMF has started her career on an acoustic guitar, and then slowly moved towards an electronic style. She captivates her listeners with child-like, playful music and deep lyrics. She is often compared to Yaeji, Kero Kero Bonito, and even CHAI. Her music offers listeners a strong element of humour alongside even in the darkest themes she explores.


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