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No Serial Killer has released new music, including a single named “Delight Of My Life.”

January 2022 - Not many artists are able to stay productive and release a constant stream of quality songs. This is definitely not a problem from British artist No Serial Killer, who is always eager to set the bar higher with his compositions. Every song is an opportunity for the artist to try new ideas and to make new colorful and amazing arrangements happen. His most recent single, Delight Of My Life, is a beautiful love song with a more personal twist. The artist set out to combine a wider range of creative influences, creating a sound that feels so kaleidoscopic and wide-ranging, but also refreshingly familiar and one-of-a-kind.

Find out more about No Serial Killer, and do not miss out on this amazing new release, which is now available on Bandcamp. While you are at it, do not pass up on listening to No Serial Killer’s eponymous album, which features a massive selection of amazing original songs. There is so much to dive in here, and every song has got something special to offer to the audience!



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