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‘Not Now Norman’s’ New Stellar Collaboration ‘Run Boy Pt. 2’

As a fan of ‘Not Now Norman', I was delighted to see they have a new collaborative release on the horizon. Comprised of four members, singer Taylor-Grace, guitarist Zane Brown, bassist Lara Hindhaugh, and drummer Dougie Scott, Not Now Norman puts their own spin on hard rock. Their most recently released single is titled ‘Run Boy Pt.2’ and is a unique and exciting reworking of their original track ‘Run Boy.’ Featuring guest vocals from the talented Victoria Owsnett, this reimagining is even better than the already phenomenal original, in my humble opinion.

The bass, hip/hop beat, and reverb laden vocals come together within seconds of the track starting. The songwriting is incredible and tells a story of the hardships of going through abuse in a relationship while ultimately breaking free of the chains cast by the abuser. It is an empowering song, and the message is wonderfully accentuated by the stunning production (provided by the immensely talented Geo Moon).

This single is new, fresh, and ready to be blasted through your headphones. ‘Not Now Norman’ is the real deal and also the full package: talented musicians, incredible vocalist, and powerful, deep lyrics. When a band comes with all three, you know you have found something special.




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