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Now An Even Bigger Deal, Mia Yermeche Takes Another Leap With Comfortable.

Mia Yermeche - Comfortable

A lot has happened since Yermeche stunned everyone on TV's The Big Deal. Now 19, this flamboyant singer-songwriter is lifting heavy-weight plans with ease and grace. After the multiple appearances in the media and a run of successes behind her, Comfortable is written on a personal note. The song is about a friend helping another when they encounter a toxic relationship. Spotting red-flags is often difficult to do when we're in a relationship, and it can take someone else to make them clear. This level of maturity in her songwriting demonstrates how much she has achieved in recent years.

Pretty acoustic guitar twinkles with a catchy melody before bass pours in like a river of treacle. Mia Yermeche sings with an RnB influence that rolls over the notes in easy-riding convertible style. Don't get too comfortable, a good idea in any new situation. Repeating lines that we can sing to with memorable and true lyrics make this an instant hit and something we'll find ourselves singing when we don't realise. Subtle melodies dance in the passage of beats and bass as the music flows within repeating and fun lines.



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