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Olec Mün conveys an entire story without needing to say a single word.

Olec Mün – Aba

Olec Mün conveys an entire story without needing to say a single word on the mysterious late-night noir of “Aba”. A mere piano is the only instrument used in this recording yet he truly conjures up an entire world from this singular element. With an impressionistic, highly romantic quality to his playing the work at times draws from the sorrowful world of Chopin as well as the more painterly hues of Debussy. His style though does have a uniqueness to it, and the softness of the chords further adds to the affect of the piece. Best listened to in a quiet environment, preferably on headphones as there is a great deal of nuance to his playing, the whole of the piece stuns with its exceptional beauty.

Right from the beginning he sets the mood as the lightness of his touch becomes readily apparent. The playing has a classical cadence to it, even jazzy at times. Yet he does not show off, despite the occasional moments where the depth of his understanding of the piano becomes apparent. He keeps things simple yet deeply emotional. The evolution of the sound is one that has a gracefulness to it, for the airiness of the track further feels quite lovely. Melodically rich, he brings a great deal of small flourishes that reveal a real and very truth soulfulness, one that becomes so stunning to witness.

On “Aba” Olec Mün crafts an approach that transcends any sort of trend for a spirit that is truly classic.



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