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Olec Mün crafts a universe that has a hushed beauty behind it.

Olec Mün – Ima

An impressionistic take on solo piano, Olec Mün’s “Ima” is a quiet joy. With this work he keeps this to the utmost of essentials – a mere piano. Yet he makes the instrument speak volumes, with every gesture adding to the sense of tranquillity that defines the space. His nods to works of Chopin and Debussy appear throughout, for his is a delicate pace. Rather than focus on rhythm and speed, his piece has a clear-eyed stance on the atmosphere of the piece. Nor are there any layers – he allows the decay of the keys themselves to reverberate, helping to give the entirety of the piece a rather autumnal, reflective quality.

The song starts out with a fragile phrase, one that is full of so much emotion. Various little flourishes help to flesh out the work, for there is a timelessness to it. Perhaps it is his familiarity with the piano, but the way it he expresses the softer side of the instrument is one that requires a quiet room in order to fully experience. His is a quiet sort of sound, one that feels particularly meditative in scope. With an ear for melody, he lets the song grow, expand, yet never become anything overpowering. Indeed, the true strength in his performance is from what he holds back, what he prevents from happening. He asks the listener to pay attention through these small moments.

“Ima” shows off the incredible, impeccable skill of Olec Mün in crafting a universe that has a hushed beauty behind it.



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