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On “She Can’t Kiss You” Sometimes Julie latches onto a beautiful sound, one stunning to behold

Sometimes Julie - She Can't Kiss You

Sometimes Julie dives headfirst into fantastic hard rock grooves on the fiery “She Can’t Kiss You”. Her force of nature delivery works in unison with the jagged edges of the guitars that rush on through with pure intense energy. Volume is a must for the way the sound hits is divine, an intense wave that crashes and crushes all in its path. Everything swirls about her powerful voice. Recalling elements beyond rock, from the blues to soul music, hers is a commanding presence and one that the rest of the band readily acknowledges, for they serve to punctuate the awesome might of her lyricism.

Nothing is held back for the rhythm has a steady, infectious quality to it. Drums hit with such urgency as the whole of the song has a distinct western twang to the proceedings, allowing a little bit of country into the overall tapestry. Her lyricism reveals a careful word choice one where every single verse is balanced for maximum impact. With such clear-eyed focus the narrative unfurls one that has a righteous air about it, even as the rest of the sound builds and builds. Their chops are undeniable from the stunning guitar licks to the heavy bass that helps the anchor the entirety of the work, it all comes together in a vast burst of colour, one that feels truly magnificent to see fully unfurled for the finale.

On “She Can’t Kiss You” Sometimes Julie latches onto a beautiful sound, one stunning to behold.

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