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On “Sidechicks” vante has flows like fire with the crisp, nimble beats hitting hard.

vante – Sidechicks

On “Sidechicks” vante has flows like fire with the crisp, nimble beats hitting hard. The way he brings together the old school hip-hop style alongside the lo-fi beat chillness of J Dilla feels majestic. Beyond the simple hip-hop elements, he incorporates a psychedelic sampling, one that has a jazzy, luxurious atmosphere about it. Grooves roll on for a long while as the cyclical evolution of the sound has its own soulfulness behind it, one that does not let up at all. Rather, he lets these small details matter, as they add up over the course of the track to reveal a certain subtle grace and charm.

Those sweet keys start the track off right, for the melody has a loveliness to it all. Right from the beginning the sound has an unhurried feeling to it. Done to perfection with the meditative stance vante ensures that the growing, ever-surrounding sound is easy to get lost it, for he brings in so much vivid aspects to the production, allowing it to have a truly beautiful presence. Over the course of the track there are multiple layers that weave their way together to help and build out the sound, giving it a gravitas. Within this, the usage of slight pitch shifts also elaborates upon the dazzling display, one that goes for a certain reflection. For the final stretch the whole of the piece appears to virtually waft on away.

“Sidechicks” revels in vante’s uncanny sense of style for he sculpts a universe that feels distinctly his own.

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